Whale of a day.

I love this job! Every day has it’s own highlight. Though some days offer up extra special memories; whether they be unknowingly placing an former Olympic rower in middle of the canoe without a paddle, or one of the Fraser Gallop Estate poodles attempting to decapitate a rabbit as we dined on our gourmet lunch, there are some days the experience will be remembered for a lifetime.

Yesterday a renowned New Zealand journalist joined us on tour. Here on assignment prior to the release of the new Baz Luhrmann film, Australia. As we sat atop the Wilyabrup Cliffs following a magnificent day of wildflower spotting she commented

“This has been the most perfect day. All we need now is a whale to jump out of the water”

As if Baz himself had cued the action sequence; a Humpback Whale proceeded to spray and splash at the finish of her sentance. Remarkable stuff.

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Sean Blocksidge is the owner operator of the Margaret River Discovery Company, an avid photographer, blogger and South West WA ambassador. In 2010 he won Western Australian Guide of the Year and his tours have been rated the #1 thing to do in Australia on the Tripadvisor website for the past two years.