Ultimate Margaret River Wine Tours experience!

So the most frequent question I receive is “we want to do a Margaret River Wine Tour but we’re not sure which tour to do”.


Usually the number one reason for visiting the Margaret River region is the wine. So it makes sense to do a Margaret River wine tour.


But you really need to think about what that actually means. If you stand in the Margaret River Visitor Centre and watch how the ‘herd’ behaves you’ll see them stand in front of the brochure rack and choose the tour with the ‘most number of Margaret River wineries’ with the ‘most number of ‘free’ wine tastings.’


That suits some people but others may not be too excited by a day rushing about ticking each winery off the list. Meanwhile the other dozen people in the bus get progressively drunker and sleepier until no one has any idea what they are tasting. Yep it does sound like a great idea at the start of the day but invariably after about the third winery for most people it becomes incredibly boring and probably not the best use of a precious holiday day.


Sadly the vast majority of visitors to the region have mediocre experiences and don’t really get to fully experience the real Margaret River. Frustratingly, most people are missing the best bits – the actual Margaret River or the iconic Cape to Cape Track. And yes, this can and should all be experienced as part of your Margaret River wine tour.


My advice is don’t follow the herd. Think differently.


That same advice applies in deciding what tour to select from the Margaret River Discovery Co touring options.


Most people tend to think they want to do the Best of the Best Margaret River Wine Tour. It’s an awesome day and perfectly suited to real wine nerds who want to elevate their understanding of what makes Margaret River wine so special. The food and matching at Cape Mentelle is a real highlight. And we’re stoked to say it’s rated as one of the best behind the scenes wine tour experiences in all of Australia.




If you really really really want an amazing wine tour experience PLUS see and do things you couldn’t normally do then definitely go for the Margaret River Discovery Tour.


The whole day is about the French wine concept of ‘terroir’. It’s kind of hard to explain in English but essentially if refers to the geology, climate and ecology of the area in which grapes are grown. We discover why the Margaret River wine region is considered a winemakers paradise and how those conditions have created the most consistent wine producing in the world.


It’s not a boring school lesson. It’s the opposite. It’s an exciting day showcasing the very best experiences and very best wine in the region.


You’ll start the day with a leisurely canoe down the Margaret River.


For many people they just stopped reading just then. They read the words ‘canoeing’ and went nahhhhhh not me.


Ok let me say if you are one of those people, open your mind to a new experience. I promise you wont get dirty; you wont get wet and you definitely wont fall in. I’ve been doing this for 8 years and NO ONE has ever got wet or dirty or fallen in.


I had Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear on tour one day and he described it as “Luxury Canoeing”.


Invariably the people who didn’t want to go canoeing are the ones who love it the most. They didn’t realise they would be floating down a mirror flat section of the Margaret River, watching wildlife and surrounded by towering trees. It’s usually one of the highlights of the day. And if you really really really don’t wont to do it then you can just opt out of that experience and take a short walk along the river.


Yep there will be wine. Plenty of it and premium stuff. We’ll visit one winery and do it well. Ridiculously well. And that’s the big difference in how we operate. We do a few things and do them well instead of rushing through the day.


Our Discovery Tour lunch will include a behind the scenes experience at emerging superstar winery-Fraser Gallop Estate. This is the hottest winery down here at the moment. Winning a mind boggling number of awards and accolades in recent years and arguably the best value winery in the region. Their Cabernet Sauvignon has previously won best Cabernet in the world and the current release just scored a massive 97-points from Australian wine guru James Halliday.


Earlier in the day we’ll also pick up a bit on the Aboriginal and European history of the region with a visit to waterhole/waterfall and have a local honey tasting. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the outdoors and get a few special pictures for the camera.


It’s a day filled with highlights and we like to finish on a super high highlight with a 4WD adventure to link up with the most spectacular section of the legendary Cape to Cape walking trail. I’ll get you onto my favourite part and go for a short walk along the coast to discover the remote Wilyabrup Cliffs. This is an awesome opportunity to spot whales and wildflowers (seasonal) and access a location you couldn’t easily find by yourself.


Like I said at the beginning of this blog article the Margaret River Discovery Tour is definitely a wine tour, but it’s a hundred times more interesting and rewarding than what the herd do.


Just like it says on my brochure in the brochure rack …… it’s the wine tour for people who don’t do tours!


And don’t just blindly take my word for it. Feel free to check out Margaret River Discovery Co on Tripadvisor and see what previous guests have to say. I never ask anyone to write a review so these are honest, unsolicited opinions, describing the experience.  Well over 90% of the reviews are for the Discovery Tour.

Enough said 🙂


About Margaret River Discovery Tours
Sean Blocksidge is the owner operator of the Margaret River Discovery Company, an avid photographer, blogger and South West WA ambassador. In 2010 he won Western Australian Guide of the Year and his tours have been rated the #1 thing to do in Australia on the Tripadvisor website for the past two years.