Super LUCKY shot!

Calling this one Karma.
I’d just helped rescue an abondoned lamb from the side of the road, which altered my evening plans, so decided to go exploring down a random bush track the lamb had led me on and go discovering.
I was pretty happy to find a new trail that could be useful for future tours. I’d been wandering around in the bush and looked back up the hill to see these two roos getting a bit amorous. Pretty cool scene. And then it got about hundred times better as the full moon started to rise. Heart stopping problem though ……. I had no camera with me.
Mad dash back to the car. Retrieve camera and sneak back into position. At that point the camera starts to die, wont focus, sick electronic whirring sounds. Years of clunking, sand, dropping, salt water, and lack of care were suddenly culminating to kill the camera at the very moment I needed it most. I fair dinkum nearly had a heart attack.
Probably the most nuts beautiful scene Ive ever seen and I’m not going to be able to share it.
At that moment I think nature decided to give one back to me for the lamb rescue (it doesn’t need to know I have lamb for dinner 2 nights a week). Camera started working, Kangaroos moved a bit closer, Moon in perfect position, click click click click. Got it!
You could plan and wait and hide and sneak for years to be that lucky with a photo. Stoked. And for the record the big fella on the right got a bit lucky shortly after this pic 😉
Hope you enjoy it. At the time of writing this blog it has as they say ‘gone viral’.  A few million views on social and I just got off the phone to the seventh media outlet this morning!  Just waiting for the Ellen Show to call now 😉

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