Red Bull Cockatoo

I recently had the pleasure of touring expert aviator/commentator Frank Versteegh from the Red Bull Air Race series.

When he wasn’t regailing us with stories of flying at 450kmp under the 9 metre Budapest Chain Bridge (or causing Winemaker Kate Morgan to blush) he was furiously photographing every plant, Kangaroo, lizard and bird that welcomed us to their habitat.

He captured this stunning image

Baudins Black Cockatoo
Baudins Black Cockatoo

 of a Baudins Black Cockatoo as they flocked around our vehicle.

The Baudins Black Cockatoo conservation status is listed as endangered. More vulnerable to extinction than Polar Bears. Baudin’s are characterised by their long bills and are endemic to the South West of Western Australia with a range limited by the Karri Forests.

Forming permanent pairs, Baudin’s Cockatoos lay two eggs in high in jarrah, marri or karri trees, usually only one chick survives. They’re a sizeable bird at 60cm and Frank’s picture captures the body and wingspan beautifully.

The binomial commemorates the French explorer Nicolas Baudin.

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