Places We Go visit Margaret River.

Places we go is a Travel website and media channel which showcases amazing travel locations, people they meet and the places they go along the way.

The Places We Go  dream was born almost a decade ago, when co-founders Jen Adams and Daniel Macpherson were filming a documentary for the Seven Network in Mount Everest, Nepal. The documentary followed three Policemen who summited Everest in honour of their mate, the late superintendent Paul Carr, who died while training for the climb.

Inspired by their climbing team, and the incredible stories of mountaineers from all over the world living their dreams, Jen and Daniel quit their jobs with major TV networks. It was time for their dream of Places We Go to be born.

In February the Places We Go team visited Margaret River. If you enjoy this video, please ensure you checkout more great videos at the Places We Go website.

PWG 4 EP 1 Margaret River Follow in our footsteps from Places We Go on Vimeo.

PWG 4 Margaret River

The latest episode from the team at Places We Go featuring Margaret River!

About Margaret River Discovery Tours
Sean Blocksidge is the owner operator of the Margaret River Discovery Company, an avid photographer, blogger and South West WA ambassador. In 2010 he won Western Australian Guide of the Year and his tours have been rated the #1 thing to do in Australia on the Tripadvisor website for the past two years.