Mountain Bike Margaret River

Margaret River has some sensational Mountain Biking Trails. Unfortunately none of them are approved by DEC.

So the Mountain Bike fraternity refer to them as Kangaroo trails.

I have been wondering for some time what the Kangaroo trails around Carters Rd looked like from above.

We took a GPS out this morning and tracked the path of an ageing, balding, and slow, Western Grey Kangaroo.

Results attached. Follow the Blue Line (you will note that Google Earth recognises Carters Rd as McQueen Rd)

Please note I do not endorse riding these trails.

If you are coming to ride in Margaret River you will discover this map is completely useless if you dont actually know these trails. If you don’t want to get completely lost, and you will; there is no signposting, it’s a maze amongst thick forest, and you wont understand the loop networks for the best flow,  you will need to ride with a guide.  I recommend Rob from Dirty Detours.  I’m not on kickbacks. I’m not on commisions. Im just telling you he’s the goods for max fun.

Carters Rd Trails
Carters Rd Trails

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