Margaret River Wine Tasting Video Masterclass

As the Margaret River wine region celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017, the team at have put together this fabulous series of short videos to help immerse you in the world of Margaret River wine. You’ll learn fascinating facts about what has helped to put the region on the map.

Vines and wine-making are an essential part of the Margaret River region’s DNA. Since the first commercial vineyard planting at Vasse Felix estate in 1967, the region has grown to produce a massive 20% of Australia’s premium wine, and there are now over 95 cellar doors to be explored, set against spectacular vistas of farmland, vineyards and the coast.

The following videos and text were produced by the Margaret River Tourism Association. It’s a valuable piece of story telling and they’ve done an awesome job in working with the wine industry in making a really engaging and informative video series.  Wine novices through to experts will enjoy hearing from some of the regions best winemakers.

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How to Taste Wine
We chatted to a host of winemakers in the region to get their take on tasting. Their advice? There is nothing to feel nervous about. It’s a case of diving in, experiencing as much as you can and above all having fun!

Margaret River wine tasting tips: Pour a generous serve, smell everything, try not to dribble over your shirt (it does happen) and remember, nobody’s wrong!


Tips for Winery Visits
The beauty of any trip is not just reaffirming your love of a particular wine it’s also about making new discoveries. We got the lowdown from winemakers on how to get the best out of

To get a feel for Margaret River, you need to visit some of the big wineries, but you also need to see some of the smaller, boutique wineries. Not sure where to start? Talk to the guys behind the bar at the Tav or other wine-loving locals – trust us, there are many!


Our Terroir
Terroir is defined as the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced. We spoke to winemakers about how terroir influences the wine of Margaret River.
Margaret River – there isn’t anywhere like it in the world. Surrounded on three sides by ocean, the breeze cools the grapes and preserves their fruit flavour, giving them vibrancy.


We caught up with some of Australia’s most respected makers of Cabernet. Once we got them talking it was hard to get them to stop! Here’s a taster of what they had to say.

There aren’t many brilliant Cabernet growing regions in the world, and when it’s brilliant, it’s phenomenal. Cabernet is the KING of Margaret River.



We caught up with some of the regions most respected winemakers and asked them to give us the lowdown on what they think makes Margaret River Chardonnay such an icon of the region.
It’s complex, it’s elegant, it’s intense, it’s Margaret River CHARDONNAY! One of the region’s most gorgeous varieties.

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