Customer service at Santa Cruz

Following is a little story about a great example of customer service.

Two years ago I had the good fortune to win a Mountain Bike in a magazine subscription competition (Australian Mountain Bike Magazine).  Not a cheap $200 junker, rather a $5000 Santa Cruz Heckler!

I have owned several high end mountain bikes over the years but nothing compares to the Heckler. The ultimate in single pivot dual suspension bikes.

The Australian distributors  kindly built the bike to my specifications and size requirements (XL for my 6’5” 100kg body).  A dream machine that made the local lads quite envious and forever put an end to the question “does anyone ever win those subscription competitions?”.

Anyway, a fee weeks ago I somehow managed to put a hairline crack the in frame around the bottom bracket, a highly unusual occurrence in a normally bomb proof piece of aluminium engineering.  I contacted the boys at Santa Cruz Australia and without question they offered a frame replacement.

Now let’s remember this was on a bike I won in the first place.

A few weeks later a brand new, same colour, latest model frame arrived on my doorstep. Plus an XL size t-shirt loudly and proudly proclaiming me a Santa Cruz rider.

A truly remarkable demonstration of customer service and an example I am delighted to share via the internet. No wonder Steve Peat won the World Champs on his Santa Cruz rig with backing like this.

If you are looking at buying a serious mountain bike, backed with a genuine warranty and outstanding customer service I couldn’t recommend Santa Cruz highly enough. If you are looking to buy within Australia contact your local dealer or the Australian distributor, Andrew at Neezy.

Check out the global website for more details

Having a tonne of fun on the Santa Cruz Heckler.
Having a tonne of fun on the Santa Cruz Heckler.

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