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Margaret River Discovery Co is proud to announce as of 2022, we are a fully accredited Eco Certified business.  

MRDCo was already recognised as Australian Quality Tourism Accredited Business (Sustainable  Tourism) with a Traveller Rating of “10 Exceptional and we are thrilled to take this extra step in being recognised as an ecologically sustainable business.

Ecotourism has a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

Ecotourism aims to preserve the integrity of the destination and MRDCo is one of a number of Margaret River businesses that have undergone certification in conjunction with Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association and the Augusta Margaret River Shire.

We are collectively focussing on conserving the local environment and historical heritage, while supporting the culture and encouraging people to look after the natural resources that attracted them to the region.

Many tourists are looking to travel to pristine and aesthetically pleasing locations to experience something new and beautiful. Unfortunately, it is usually these environments that are the most fragile and susceptible to outside influences/impacts. To ensure these amazing regions are preserved for the future, travellers must do their part in their protection.

MRDCo has more than a decade of promoting sustainable travel that benefits the local community, culture, and heritage and minimising impacts on the environment. This certification process will help travellers identify MRDCo as an Eco Tourism business providing an experience that restricts mass tourism in sensitive environments. 

By choosing an ecotourism experience over a conventional tourism package you are making a conscious decision to reduce your impact.

Ecotourists are seeking to minimize the carbon footprint of their travel, travelling with climate in mind by planning wisely and choosing consciously. They also seek to experience authentic and educational tours that give them the opportunity to give back to the communities they visit. If you are a conscious traveller who shares these values then become an ecotourist today!

By booking an ecotour or staying in a ecolodge you will be surrounded by likeminded people, have access to well managed and pristine environments and experience a truly unique experience/holiday.

Over the years we have worked continually to improve our efforts at sustainability and this now extends to purchasing policies where possible, sourcing local products

Our sustainable approach includes the following:

  • Using locally sourced produce, supporting local famers and minimal food miles
  • Using approved 4WD trails
  • Continuous removal of exotic species – inc. blackberry and arum lily
  • Fuel efficient tour vehicle with minimal travelling distances
  • Protecting endangered and endemic species, biodiversity, native vegetation, natural water flows, landscape and cultural heritage of the site
  • Centralised meeting point to reduce vehicle movements
  • Strict adherence to the local Augusta Margret River Shire Council recycling programs
  • Use of recycled paper and natural products where possible
  • Rainwater used in all cleaning operations
  • Using biodegradable cleaning agents 
  • Commitment to undertake continual improvements toward ecological sustainability through adoption of best practice techniques
  • Protective ground matting for storing canoes
  • Emissions reduction planning
  • Resource use minimisation strategies
  • A waste management plan, including solid waste and recycling strategy
  • Trail maintenance and erosion management



Eco Tourism Certified Margaret RIver Discovery Co